Protect Yourself From Fraud

Fraud is a violation of trust. In general, fraud refers to a deliberate deception perpetrated to gain an unfair advantage or cause loss to another. Kindred is committed to protecting our members, staff, reputation, and assets. We have a moral, legal, and ethical obligation to protect you and your assets against fraudulent activity and we actively promote an anti-fraud culture.

Anti-Fraud – Recognize It!

Fraud does not discriminate; there is no typical fraud victim in Canada. Canadians of all ages and from all walks of life are targets of fraud. Fraudsters are professional criminals; they know what they are doing. In most cases they rely on some basic techniques and common elements to be successful. The first step to better protecting yourself and Kindred from fraud is to RECOGNIZE IT!  Read more about recognizing fraud.

Anti-Fraud – Report It! Stop It!

Fraud is a global problem. If you become a victim of fraud the information you provide may contribute to national or international investigations and will ultimately help others avoid fraud. Always REPORT IT!; so together we can STOP IT! Read more about reporting and stopping fraud.


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