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Let’s get you there! From personalized service to competitive rates, we’ll help you find the perfect fit. And, when you select Kindred as your mortgage provider, you’re supporting a member-owned local business that makes a difference in your community.

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Considering buying a home with a group of friends or extended family members? It’s an idea with growing appeal in today’s expensive real estate market.  We can help!

How much can I borrow?

Why choose a Kindred mortgage? We make home buying easy with personalized service and competitive rates!


Our rates are just one part of your mortgage solution. That said, we understand it’s an important part. Relationship pricing may earn you a better rate, rate specials are offered throughout the year, and our best rate is guaranteed for 90 days when you get pre-approved!

Kindred’s mortgage experts always work for you. There’s no commission here, so we put your financial best interests first. Plus, our transparent process shows you the reasoning behind our recommendations, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Life changes, and your Kindred mortgage can adapt to your life. You can set your mortgage payments on a schedule that works for you. Or, if you find a bit of extra money, take advantage of our prepayment options  and pay down your mortgage sooner. 

Transfer your existing Kindred mortgage to a new property anywhere in Ontario, even if there’s time left in your term. Straightforward mortgage portability means you can focus on your move. 

Kindred offers mortgage life insurance, so you can ensure the security of your family home and protect your loved ones. Many people find it difficult to consider life insurance, but an honest conversation followed by a well-thought-out plan can make all the difference in a time of need. 

We share a portion of Kindred’s annual earnings with members through Profit Shares. The amount you receive is based on your total annual business with Kindred, which means your Profit Shares are like a return on your mortgage interest payments. Ownership in a credit union has its benefits!

We also offer commercial mortgages for your farm, church, or business. Learn more.

What if the numbers say I’m not ready to buy?

We’ll help you understand what the calculator is telling you. Every situation is different, but it may simply be that your current income and debt levels don’t meet our criteria. Your lender can help you understand what you can do to set yourself up for approval in the future. Find your mortgage expert.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying a home here. This is a great resource for first-time home buyers.

We have a number of different mortgage options to suit your needs. Get familiar with your home buying options by reviewing the information below.

Full-Feature Mortgage

Choose the term length that fits your life — 1 to 5 years; choose a variable or fixed rate; open or closed mortgage.


Flexibility to prepay up to 20% of your remaining principal balance once annually between anniversary dates. Plus, you can increase your regular payment by 20% once anytime between anniversary dates.


Our Full-feature Mortgage allows you to use the equity in your home to access additional credit in the future for a home renovation loan or line of credit.


Value Mortgage

The Value Mortgage might be right for you if you want a great rate, without any bells or whistles!


5-year term, closed mortgage; fixed rate.


Prepayments up to 10% are permitted, if you have a little extra that you want to put towards your principal and pay down your mortgage more quickly.


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Ready for the next step? 

Your Kindred Mortgage Expert will help you better understand the finances of home buying and build a customized solution that fits your unique needs.