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Leadership and Governance


Leadership and Governance

Kindred’s leadership consists of three groups: the Board of Directors, a Senior Leadership Team, and the Council of Members. These teams work closely together to ensure the continuing success and sound governance of the credit union. The Board of Directors establishes Kindred’s strategic direction, monitors the overall strength and financial performance of the organization, as well as the satisfaction of members, and ensures that Kindred continues to be an engaging employer. Representing the best interests of the members, the Board works closely with the Senior Leadership Team and holds the organization accountable for its success. Guided by Kindred’s purpose, the Board applies prudent financial practices and business standards to fulfill its responsibilities to members.

The Council of Members is a committee of sixteen member volunteers with representation from all eight Kindred branches. Each year the Council seeks volunteers for governance roles on the Board of Directors and ensures the Council of Members has a full complement. This approach to discerning qualified candidates has resulted in diverse and competent boards for Kindred, who have served the membership well and been excellent guardians of our values. Appointments to the Council of Members are presented to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.

We are currently seeking candidates to fill upcoming vacancies on the Kindred Board of Directors and Council of Members. If you’re interested in serving, take a look through our info packages for more information:
Serving as a Board Member  |  Serving as a Council of Members Representative

To apply, please email Tithi Thakkar, Corporate Secretary.

Meet the Senior Leadership Team

John Klassen, BSc, CPA, CMA
Interim Chief Executive Officer

Max Bentz, BA
Vice-President, Member Relationships

Nancy Mason, H.B.Com., CPA, CGA
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Nick Savva, BSc, ACIB
Vice President, Strategy Development and Delivery

Nolan Andres, BSc, MMath
Chief, Technology and Innovation

Rebecca Smith, BA, CHRL
Vice-President, Engagement and Values

Sandra Yutzy, MBA
Vice-President, Credit Risk

Stephanie Szusz, BBA, BEd
Vice-President, Agricultural and Commercial Banking


Meet the Board of Directors

Henry Paetkau
Board Chair

Susan Taves
Governance Committee Chair

Carolyn Albrecht
Board Vice-Chair, Governance Committee

Stephen Funk
Finance and Loan Committee

Gerry Frey
Finance and Loan Committee Chair 

James Schenk
Governance Committee

Kaylie Tiessen
Finance & Loan Committee;
Audit & Risk Committee

Rick Martin
Audit and Risk Committee

Rosemary McCrie
Audit and Risk Committee Chair

Wanda Wagler-Martin
Finance and Loan Committee

Board Gender Diversity

In 2023, 45% of Kindred’s Board were female. The table below includes the percent share for the two years prior.

Year  Female  Male
2022 50% 50%
2021 48% 52%

Council of Members by Branch

John Stoltzfus, (vacancy)

Dennis Frey, Erla Bauman

Dan Driedger (chair), Brent Charette

(vacancy), (vacancy)

Sandra Kuepfer, (vacancy)

Mount Forest
Miles Wiederkehr (vice-chair), (vacancy)

New Hamburg
Dawna Whitehead, Norman Size

Kevin Dwarte, (vacancy)