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Planning and Advice

You have big dreams, we’ll help you get there.

Every life stage comes with new ideas, new dreams for the future, and new questions. Kindred’s Wealth and Investment Team is here to answer all your questions and offer personalized advice that helps you work towards your dreams. We’re committed to sharing our expertise, simplifying your options, and offering you choices that align with your values. Honest conversations will help us understand your financial position and your priorities, so we can develop a plan using your money in a way that fits your values.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

A financial plan will give you peace of mind, confidence in your future, and it will help you meet your goals! We listen to your needs and partner with you to connect your values with your finances, helping you select investments that fit.

Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Wealth Management services are for individual members, their families, and business members with multiple properties and large amounts of invested assets, which may create more complex tax and financial planning needs.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement

Retirement should be a time to explore and enjoy after a lifetime of building your nest egg. Proper planning is essential to ensure you’ve covered your long-term financial needs, so you can retire with peace of mind. We will continue to work with you after retirement to ensure your continuing income needs are met.

Saving for School

Saving for School

Your kids are ready for post-secondary school, are you? You want to launch them into a successful future—be sure you have the financial means to help them get there.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

A detailed estate plan is a gift to your loved ones. It ensures you leave your assets to people and charities you care about, while minimizing legal fees and taxes.



We partner to offer a full range of personal and business protection solutions, featuring products from Canada’s most trusted providers.

Kindred’s Fresh Approach

Our holistic approach to finances flows out of Kindred’s faith tradition and is based on the following principles: Spend less than you earn, acquire debt responsibly, manage cash flow, give generously, and set short- and long-term goals.


Give. Live. Owe. Grow.

Our holistic approach to finances flows out of our faith tradition and is based on the principles of Give, Live, Owe, Grow, with values at the core.


A written financial plan can provide greater peace of mind and confidence in the future; we want that for each of our members. We listen to your needs and partner with you to connect your values with your finances.


Our breadth of products and services provide you the convenience of building your plan all in one place and our professional team provides the advice you need to have confidence for your future.


Our financial planning services are offered at no charge to all members and our team is not commissioned for selling financial products.

When you build a strong, financial foundation you can plan for, reach, and celebrate financial milestones.

Financial Plan

1. Financial Plan

A personalized financial plan allows you to build a strong foundation to manage your priorities, work towards your goals, and find peace of mind.

Wills and Protection 

2. Wills and Protection

We’ll work with you to ensure you have a will and power of attorney, and are aware of what you need to protect you in the event of:

  • Disability;

  • Critical illness;

  • Loss of family member; or

  • Losing a job.

Saving and Spending Wisely 

3. Saving and Spending Wisely

Outlining your goals and laying out a plan to reach them will help you manage your cash flow, save for a large purchase, reserve emergency funds, save for retirement, or share with causes you care about.


4. Legacy

We will help you achieve your long-term financial and estate goals including:

  • Wealth accumulation

  • Wealth preservation; and

  • Planned giving.

Your plan will give you:

A full picture of your current position and clear financial direction.

A better understanding of your investment alternatives.

Confidence in your future and greater peace of mind.

Your Wealth and Investment team is:

Professional, experienced, and accredited.

Connected to our credit union specialists and support team.

Associated with national and international financial services partners.

Meet with a member 

of our Wealth and Investment Team for investing advice with values at the core. We can help with your financial plan today.

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