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Fraud Prevention Alert: Watch out for vishing scams

While you might be familiar with phishing scams, do you know what vishing scams are? Vishing scams call your phone, pretending to be the CRA, Carbon Tax Company, your mobile phone provider, or other “official” sounding individuals. They can be very convincing!

By pretending to be a trusted source, they trick you into providing personal, banking, or credit card information. You might inadvertently allow remote access to your device, too. If that happens, you could lose funds, compromise your computer or devices, or provide fraudsters with enough personal information for them to access your Kindred account over the phone!

The best way to avoid vishing scams is to hang up the phone, and if it’s a company you deal with, call the company from a phone number that you can verify (i.e. from the company’s official website or a printed statement that you might have), and don’t provide any personal or account information. A reputable company won’t initiate a call and ask for your information over the phone. If you’re unsure, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help!


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