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How to set up online banking

What you’ll need:

1. Access Card Number

2. Personal Access Code (PAC) (PAC is simply another name for ‘password’.)

Tip! You’ll find the 16 digits you need on the back of your Access Card, which looks like this. >>
Don’t have your Access Card or Personal Access Code handy? Call our Member Contact Centre
at 1.888.672.6728.

If you wish to use the inter-member transfer feature, you can also authorize an Inter-member
Transfer Agreement.

Logging in for the first time:

1. Got to

2. In the Access Card Number field, enter your access card number. (Note that you do not need to include the dash.)

3. In the Access Code (PAC) field, enter the temporary PAC that Kindred provided to you. (PAC is simply another name for ‘password’.)

4. Click Login. When prompted, create your own personalized PAC, following the requirements.

5. You’ll be prompted to enroll in 2-step verification with one of three contact methods: text, email, or voice call.

You’re ready to do your banking online!