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How to set up and use Remote Deposit Capture for Business

Recommended Scanner

You will need to purchase a scanner in order to use Kindred’s Remote Deposit Capture service. At this time we recommend the Panini Vision X Scanner (part number PN1/VX50.1.FFNJ) for members scanning 100 or fewer cheques per day.

This recommended model scans 50 cheques per minute—we believe it’s sufficient for scanning 100 or fewer cheques per day.

Ordering Process

1. For scanners, warranty programs and supplies, you can purchase online at Kindred members receive preferred pricing through Paystation!

2 Create a new account.

3. Once the account is created, you’ll land on the Menu page. Here you’ll be presented with:

  • Scanner Comparison chart
  • Warranty Options
  • Place Order
  • Order Status Report (ability to track order)
  • Terms and Conditions
4. Continue to Place Order.

5. Select items for purchase.

6. Select to Proceed to Checkout.

7. Ensure that shipping information is entered correctly.

8. Click Place this Order.

Ensure that credit card and billing information are entered correctly.
Click Submit
Order confirmation will appear onscreen.
You’ll receive an order confirmation email.


If your order is received by 3:30 PM EST, Monday to Friday, your order will ship the same business day.

Once the order has shipped, you’ll receive a shipment confirmation email with a tracking number.

All agreements, support, pricing, and purchasing details for the scanners are between Paystation and the purchasing party.

Training Videos

Full instructions for setting up your scanner and using Remote Deposit Capture are outlined in these step-by-step videos: Remote Deposit Capture Training Videos


Kindred uses cheque scanners regularly in our branches. The most common problem we see is misfeeds. In our experience, it is very important to follow the cleaning and maintenance recommendations to prevent dust and residue build-up, which can result in mis-feeds and general scanning issues.

While hardware warranties are available, delays in completing repairs or deliveries can be frustrating. Please see product manual for full maintenance recommendations, and follow them!