Automated Funds Transfer (AFT)

Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) service is a quick and cost-effective way for member businesses, churches, and non-profit organizations to process receivables, donations, and payroll transactions electronically.

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Payables and Receivables

  • Reduces much of the time, effort, and expense often associated with initiating payables and collection of receivables
  • Improves customer service by making it easier for your customers to make their payments on time


  • Offers a convenient, efficient, and reliable way for member organizations to receive regular donations or pledged contributions
  • Increases reliability and timeliness of donation and pledge receipts, enabling organizations to plan and budget more accurately
  • Eliminates the need for donors to write cheques and to complete offering/donation envelopes

Direct Payroll Deposits

  • Eliminates the need for member businesses or organizations to print and distribute paycheques to employees
  • While the AFT service is not a complete payroll service, it enables timely and efficient payroll deposits to employee accounts

How does the AFT service work?

  • The member (business, church or organization) gathers account information and signed approval from the payor or payee (payors/payees do not need to be Kindred members)
  • The member creates transactions or an AFT file using either Central 1’s PaymentStream™ AFT application or another software with the payor/payee account and payment information in the specified format
  • The member initiates each transaction by sending the information to Central 1’s PaymentStream™ AFT application prior to the specified due date
  • Central 1 sends the transactions to the National System for processing—payor/payee bank or credit union accounts are then credited/debited electronically
For more information, please contact our Payments team by email or by phone: 1.888.672.6728.

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