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Kindred Credit Union Offers Market-Linked GICs

We’re excited to share that Kindred will offer Market-Linked GICs beginning June 17! Market-Linked GICs offer a guaranteed minimum return on your principal with the potential for a greater return than a typical GIC.

This new offering replaces our existing Index-Linked GICs, which were tied to the performance of a stock index. Investments in a Market-Linked GIC grow depending on the market performance of a basket of selected stocks, which are tied to a specific theme and we’re excited to now offer a socially responsible option!

Kindred offers three different Market-Linked GIC options for members to choose from:

  • PurposeFirst
    Our socially responsible investment option that allows you to take advantage of the return potential of environmentally conscious companies, while protecting your capital; and
  • Canadian
    This option is suitable for investors looking exclusively for exposure to Canadian stocks by offering the return potential of large Canadian corporations across various industry sectors; and
  • Global
    An investment option that diversifies exposure globally to offer the return potential of large companies from different regions of the world across various industry sectors.

Find out more about Market Linked GICs from Kindred, or speak to a member of our Wealth and Investment team to discuss how Market-Linked GICs might suit your portfolio.


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