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Community Inspiration GICs

Our communities are important to us!

That’s why Kindred supports congregations and charities through the Community Inspiration GIC (formerly known as Church Builder GIC). As an investor, you benefit from a secure investment at a competitive rate, and your community gains much-needed support at no cost to you.

How does it work?

It’s simple: you invest in a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) that earns a competitive interest rate and, in return, Kindred donates an additional quarter percent interest to a qualifying congregation or charity of your choice. In addition, the Community Inspiration GIC is available for registered savings products (RRSP, TFSA, RRIF).*

What is bonus interest?

Since it’s tied to an investment, we call it Bonus Interest - it’s really a donation. For instance, if a member invests $100,000 in a Community Inspiration GIC, Kindred donates $250 to the congregation or charity of their choice. If a congregation or charity has funds to invest – a capital campaign, for example – they can direct that donation to themselves. That’s like receiving a premium interest rate on your investment!

Who can benefit?

Choose to designate your Community Inspiration GIC bonus interest to one of the following:*

  • Ontario congregations and related organizations.
  • Registered charities actively working towards providing solutions for:
    • Safe and Affordable Housing, including rental and home ownership programs.
    • Community Food Security offering access and availability to nutritious, safe, and culturally appropriate food at the local level.
    • Financial Empowerment with a focus on financial inclusion (removing barriers), literacy (skill building), and capability building (planning).

Community Inspiration GICs are available for a limited time each year. Once a year, bonus interest is paid directly to the congregation or charity via electronic fund transfer, with the option of cheque. Thanks to our unique Community Inspiration GIC (formerly known as Church Builder GICs), Kindred has donated over $890,000 in bonus interest to congregations and charities in Ontario since 1997.

* Recipients of bonus interest must be Ontario-based and must be a registered charity with CRA with a focus on community food security, safe and affordable housing, or financial empowerment. Congregations and charities that have received bonus interest in the past are exempt from this requirement. New congregations and charities will be considered for eligibility.


Investing in Charities

The Revenue Development Director at MCC speaks about the collaborative partnership between Kindred and MCC and Kindred’s purpose to inspire peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.


Investing in Congregations

The Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church Council Chair outlines how partnering with Kindred can be a source of funding for congregations and charities.

Help us get the word out so that your organization can benefit from this unique opportunity!

Download a PowerPoint slide or display a poster on your bulletin boards. Here is some suggested text for you to promote this opportunity with your congregation. Consider posting a message in your bulletin, on your website or any other channels you use to reach your members and supporters.


Meet with a member 

of our Wealth and Investment team before June 30 to discuss how a Community Inspiration GIC might suit your portfolio!