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Member Assistance Services

    How does Member Assistance Services work?

    Member Assistance Services (MAS) combines our commitment to mutual aid with the resources of a vibrant credit union. The result is a unique program that responds to needs within our communities and promotes sharing and acts of compassion.

    We have created two unique services that provide the opportunity for members to both offer and access financial assistance in times of need: Crisis Care GICs and Loans and Partnership GICs and Loans. These two services create links between members who need help and members who want to step up and contribute to a solution.

    Crisis Care GICs and Loans

    We offer temporary financial relief to eligible Kindred members when they experience financial hardship or distress and are unable to pay their loan.


    Crisis Care Loans:

    Crisis Care Loans offer temporary relief at reduced interest rates to eligible Kindred members when they experience financial hardship or distress.

    • A Kindred lender may apply for loan assistance on behalf of a member when financial hardship or distress arises.
    • Interest rates may be reduced to as low as 0%, depending on individual circumstances.
    • Loans are reviewed at least annually.

    Crisis Care GICs:

    You can support our Crisis Care Loans by opening a non-registered Crisis Care GIC. You will recieve a portion of interest at a below market rate and the rest of the interest earned will go towards supporting Crisis Care Loans.

    • Crisis Care GIC interest rates are determined at the time of opening.
    • Members may specify the length of the term; and, investments may be redeemed or removed from the program and adjusted to Kindred's posted rates at any time, regardless of the maturity.

    Partnership GICs and Loans

    We facilitate transactions between individuals or charitable organizations who need help getting a loan and members who would like to fund loans on their behalf.


    Partnership Loans:

    Partnership Loans may be made to specific individuals or charitable organizations.

    • With the exception of spouses, loans may be for family members, friends, churches, and other charitable organizations.
    • Loans are subject to an administration fee.
    • Loans are reviewed at least annually.

    Partnership GICs:

    Members are able to designate a GIC to fund a Partnership Loan.

    • Non-registered GICs (which excludes RRSPs and RRIFs) may be offered as security for a loan or they may off-set a lower interest rate. (A combination is also possible.)
    • RRSP and RRIF deposits may be designated to assist a registered charitable organization; however, these deposits may not be used as security for a loan.
    • GICs may be set for a minimum term of one year.

    ​Want to learn more? 

    Get in touch! We can help you set up a Crisis Care GIC to support Member Assistance Services. If you are in need of assistance with an existing loan, please set up a meeitng with us to inquire about your eligibility. 

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