Investment Shares

Investment Shares let you put your money where your values are, and earn an amazing return, too!

By choosing to connect your values and faith with your finances, you receive an amazing return and your money can have an even greater impact.

Investment Shares help Kindred build capital, which contributes to our long-term sustainability and prepares us for future growth. As Kindred grows, so does our impact. What does that look like? We successfully advocated for the application of screens related to gambling, pornography, and military weapons to a portfolio of socially responsible mutual funds, the Kindred Charitable Fund surpassed $1 million in support of churches and charities, and we shared more than $1.1 million of our 2020 earnings with members through Profit Shares.

Kindred issued Class B Investment Shares to members in 2005 and 2019. See below for legal descriptions of our offerings, the related terms and conditions, and a summary of how Investment Shares work. 

Here’s how Investment Shares work:

Share offerings are available only occasionally. However, current shareholders are able to transfer shares to other members who wish to purchase them.

Divestment Requests

The regulations regarding Investment Shares require that members who wish to sell complete our ‘Investment Shares Transfer Request – Seller’ form. Members are then added to a waiting list of sellers, which is periodically matched with a corresponding list of potential buyers, so that the transfer of shares can be completed.

Members who wish to sell their Investment Shares should be aware that requests to transfer shares can take some time. Members cannot count on immediate liquidity should they need to access funds unexpectedly.

Purchase Requests

Members who wish to purchase Investment Shares can complete our ‘Investment Shares - Buyer’ form and be added to the waiting list. This applies to both the 2019 and 2005 Series of Investment Shares.

Dividend Rate

Your rate of return, known as the dividend rate, for 2019 Class B Investment Shares is 4.25% for the first five years1. After that time, the dividend formula is the monthly average of the Government of Canada 5-year benchmark bond yield plus 1%. As of the 2019 Series issue date of July 1, 2019, shareholders of the 2005 Series will receive the 4.25% dividend rate or a dividend rate based on the current formula, whichever is higher2.

In 2019, we issued Kindred Investment Shares that could earn 4.25%1!

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Have questions?

Please speak with a Financial Advisor to learn more about Investment Shares.