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I don’t have enough money in my account — help!

The Mastercard® Student Credit Card is your solution. Your Mastercard can provide security for you in case of an emergency. If approved for this card, you can receive a credit limit of up to $1,000. By using your credit card responsibly and making at least the minimum payment each month, you can begin to establish a good credit rating. This card offers Purchase Protection Insurance and Extended Warranty on most purchases, in addition to some travel benefits and the option of earning CHOICE REWARDS® points.

Start building a credit rating – before you enter the workforce! This card is the perfect "starter" card for post-secondary students over the age of majority. With no annual fee, you'll see the convenience and security this card offers, as you build your financial future.

Annual Fee: No Fee
Additional Card: No Fee
Grace Period: 21 days
Interest Rate: 19.49%
Credit Limit: $500 - $2,000

Student CHOICE REWARDS Mastercard

This card includes all the features of the Student Mastercard Credit Card, plus enrolment in CHOICE REWARDS.

Annual Fee: $24
Additional Card: No Fee
Grace Period: 21 days
Interest Rate: 19.49%
Credit Limit: $500 - $2,000

What if I don’t want a credit card?

If you are over 18, the is the card for you. Once you have set up a Kindred account, you may also qualify for a Mastercard GLOBAL PAYMENT Card. It’s like using a debit card or writing a cheque, but with the flexibility and world-wide global acceptance of a credit card. The money comes directly out of your account or Student Creditline, providing convenient access to your money.

GLOBAL PAYMENT cards can be used wherever the Mastercard symbol is displayed and they offer the same insurance and warranty protection as a credit card.

My tuition, books, and residence expenses are really adding up! What can I do?

The Kindred Student Creditline can solve your dilemma. Kindred Student Creditline is a line of credit designed specifically for students who need money for post-secondary education or training. With credit approval you may be eligible to borrow up to $6,500 a year for four years to a maximum of $26,000. Access money whenever you need it, pay down any portion of the debt at any time, and only pay interest on the money used for the length of time you use it.*

Credit Life

Credit Life Insurance allows you to insure the outstanding balance of a personal loan so that, if you pass away, your loan will not be a burden on your family.

Credit Disability

Credit Disability Insurance protects you and your family from being unable to make loan payments during a period of disability.

*Speak with a Kindred Personal Lending Specialist for full terms and conditions

Standard terms and conditions apply to all Kindred loan products.

We encourage all members to exercise discipline and stewardship with the use of credit and repayment of debt.


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