Personal Loans

Term Loans

Whether you are looking to purchase a vehicle, borrowing to invest, or looking to renovate your home, we have loan options to help make your plans a reality. Kindred offers 1 to 5 year fixed and variable rate term loans, pre-approval, competitive rates and pre-authorized payment options.

Personal Line of Credit

We offer line of credit solutions with the flexibility to meet your borrowing needs. Our revolving lines of credit allow you to borrow up to your pre-determined limit whenever you need it.
  • Convenience - A line of credit is attached directly to your chequing account, giving you access to the funds simply by writing a cheque, using your MEMBER CARD® debit card, or visiting a Kindred branch. This eliminates the need to transfer funds between accounts and provides built-in overdraft protection.
  • Flexibility - When your line of credit balance is under your assigned limit, repay any amount at any time. Use the remainder of your line of credit to get started on your next goal; you don't need to re-apply.
  • Low Interest - Pay interest only on the money you use, for the length of time you use it. Lower than credit card interest rates, save money when you use your line of credit to transfer funds to higher-interest debts.
Home Equity Line of Credit
If you are a homeowner with equity established in your home, a Home Equity Line of Credit can be the most cost effective way to borrow. By using the equity established in your home as security, we can offer you our best possible rate. A Home Equity Line of Credit is available for up to 65% of the value of your home.

Credit Life
Credit Life Insurance allows you to insure the outstanding balance of a personal loan so that, if you pass away, your loan will not be a burden on your family.

Credit Disability
Credit Disability Insurance protects you and your family from being unable to make loan payments during a period of disability.

Standard terms and conditions apply to all Kindred loan products.

We encourage all members to exercise discipline and stewardship with the use of credit and repayment of debt.

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