Governance and Leadership

Board of Directors

Kindred’s Board of Directors is elected and consists of 12 members who are ultimately responsible for the stewardship of the credit union. The Board of Directors establishes Kindred’s strategic direction, monitors the overall strength and financial performance of the organization and the satisfaction of members, and ensures that Kindred continues to be an engaging employer for staff.

Representing the best interests of the members, the Board works closely with the Senior Leaderships Team and holds the organization accountable for its success. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the board is guided by the organization’s philosophy together with prudent standards of sound business and financial practices.

Appointments to the Board are for three-year terms and require a ratification vote with a two-thirds majority at the Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please speak with your Branch Manager or one of the Council of Members representatives for your local branch.

There are three Board Committees that focus on and support specific areas of the Board’s responsibilities. These committees are the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and Audit and Risk Committee.

Meet your Board of Directors

Susan Taves | Chair, Executive Committee
Carolyn Albrecht | Executive Committee
Gregory Brimblecombe | Audit and Risk Committee
Gerry Frey | Finance Committee
Jane Kuepfer | Finance Committee
Susan Lofthouse | Audit and Risk Committee
Wilf Saarloos | Finance Committee
Nelson Scheifele | Chair, Finance Committee
Leroy Shantz | Vice-Chair, Executive Committee
Randy Shantz | Chair, Audit and Risk Committee
Kaylie Tiessen | Audit and Risk Committee
John D. Wiebe | Secretary, Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Board Chair, Vice-Chair, corporate secretary, and a member-at-large from among the directors serve on the Executive Committee. The main purpose of the Executive Committee is to ensure that the Board fulfils its responsibilities to the members. Overseeing strategic and operational planning and effective implementation of Board meeting agendas and related discussions and decisions are among its primary roles.

Susan Taves | Chair
Leroy Shantz | Vice-Chair
John D. Wiebe | Secretary
Carolyn Albrecht

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee attends to issues that relate primarily to the long-term viability of the credit union. Attention to capital, investments, margins, and matching and liquidity are among the key areas of focus for this committee.  This committee has direct involvement in the credit union’s planning and budgeting process.

Nelson Scheifele | Chair
Wilf Saarloos
Gerry Frey
Jane Kuepfer

Audit and Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee assists the board of directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities for financial reporting, the system of internal control, internal and external audit functions, compliance with laws and regulations and the code of conduct, and enterprise risk management. Some of the committee’s tasks are completed through a staff position, Director, Internal Audit, who reports directly to the chair of the committee.

Randy Shantz | Chair
Susan Lofthouse
Kaylie Tiessen
Gregory Brimblecombe


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