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Mutual Funds

Are mutual funds right for me?

Mutual funds can be an effective way to diversify your investments and help you reach your long-term financial goals – whether that’s your retirement or saving for your child’s education. The mutual funds concept is simple: a group of investors pools money together and a fund manager invests this money in return for a management fee. Every mutual fund unit represents an investment in a variety of securities that could include stocks, bonds, cash, and other securities. There are a number of benefits to choosing mutual funds:


Owning a mutual fund gives you access to professional portfolio managers who monitor your investment and seek out new opportunities to enhance its value.

You can invest in mutual funds with as little as $500. From there, set up monthly deposits and watch your investment grow.

Mutual funds are diversified by design, since they are made up of bundles of investments in a variety of companies, business sectors, and countries. When you diversify your portfolio, you minimize your exposure to market volatility.

There are a variety of options that provide tax efficient investing outside of registered plans, such as dividends, capital gains, and return of capital.

While it makes sense to hold mutual funds for longer-term investing, it’s always possible to redeem your mutual fund at the current market value to access your cash. Speak to to a member of our Wealth and Investment Team for advice.

When you purchase mutual funds, you benefit from professional management and that comes with tax reporting and tracking of capital gains. Plus, the dividends you earn will be reinvested into your portfolio automatically.

How much risk is involved in mutual fund investing?

A mutual fund is made up of a variety of investments, which means every mutual fund carries a different level of risk. Decades of market experience tells us that the higher the risk level, the greater your potential for earning a good return. That said, it’s important to remember that your principal is not guaranteed when you invest in mutual funds, since your investment is subject to market returns. 


How can I invest in mutual funds?

Kindred has access to a broad array of mutual funds through Qtrade Asset Management (QAM) or Qtrade Advisor (QA). We have Wealth and Investment Team members licensed through QAM and QA that are able to provide you with full-service mutual fund services. They’re happy to meet with you to discuss your personal financial situation and review your investing options, so that you can make an informed investing decision. Meet with a member of our Wealth and Investment team to get started.

Alternately, the do-it-yourself investor can purchase mutual funds through Qtrade Direct Investing. An award-winning online investing platform, Qtrade Direct Investing is easy-to-use and offers independent research tools and low commissions. And when you need help, you can count on outstanding client support. You can get started with Qtrade Direct Investing here

If you like the idea of managing your own investments, but with some professional guidance and lower costs, you can take advantage of digital advice through Qtrade Guided Portfolios. You can get started with Qtrade Guided Portfolios here.

Pursue your goals with the confidence that comes from expanded investor knowledge and expert insights, with help from an award-winning platform to guide your investment decisions. We’ve partnered with Qtrade Direct Investing so you can buy and sell stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds with low trading fees. Give Qtrade a try with a 30-day free trial account.

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​Save time with digital advice from Qtrade Guided Portfolios.

Qtrade Guided Portfolios is a simple online investing platform that makes it easy to save for your goals. This fully automated service lets you benefit from digital advice and helps you build a professionally managed, low-cost portfolio. Get started with Qtrade Guided Portfolios.

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Mutual funds can help build a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world.

Socially Responsible Mutual Funds

We want to help you connect your values with your finances. One way we do that is by offering socially responsible mutual funds. Socially responsible investments (SRI) use wealth to build a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world. SRI is known by many names such as green, ethical, or responsible investing, it engages with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis, and can include impact investing. Our Wealth and Investment Team partners with QAM and QA to offer socially responsible mutual funds from NEI Investments and IA Clarington Investments, both of which apply screening processes to their SRI offerings. We also offer SRI mutual funds with an ESG focus from leading companies including CI Investments, AGF, Franklin Templeton, Mackenzie, and Fidelity Investments.

What makes an investment socially responsible? An investment can be considered socially responsible based on the nature of the business the company conducts. Screening is a filtering process based on social and environmental criteria that are used to identify if an investment can be deemed socially responsible. Negative screens strive to limit investing in companies that engage in practices such as gambling, military weapons, nuclear power, and pornography. Positive screens evaluate companies based on the good they do and strive to include those that engage in practices that support, for example, animal welfare, human rights, and the environment. Shareholder advocacy is another aspect of SRI, which allows investors to have a say in the companies they invest in.

We support businesses that care about…

The Environment

Human Rights



Animal Welfare

We exclude businesses that are involved in the production of…

Alcoholic Beverages




Military and Weapons


Nuclear Power

NEI Investments, a leading provider of mutual funds and investment portfolios, offers Canada’s largest and most diversified range of SRI solutions.

Meet with a member 

of our Wealth and Investment Team for investing advice with values at the core. We can help with your financial plan today.