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What are non-redeemable Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)?

When you buy a non-redeemable GIC, you agree to invest a certain amount of money for a set length of time (term) to benefit from a fixed interest rate. When your term is up, you can either cash in your GIC – and get your initial investment back plus interest – or renew your term and keep growing. At Kindred, all of our GICs are validated as Socially Responsible Investments! Check out all the benefits of choosing a GIC:


Just like the name implies, your original deposit is guaranteed with no fluctuations and no market uncertainty. And, for the life of the term, you’ll earn the interest rate you signed up for.

GICs are easy to set up, so you can start earning interest right away. Move money from a chequing or savings account into your new GIC, and you’re good to go. 

You choose the term, so you only put your money away for the amount of time that fits your plans. Earn higher interest than your savings account for as little as 30 days, or lock your funds in at a great rate for one or even five years.

You can set your GIC up as an RRSP, RRIF, RDSP, TFSA, or a non-registered investment. Eligible deposits in registered accounts have unlimited coverage through the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA). Eligible deposits not in registered accounts are insured up to $250,000 through FSRA.  

Once your savings reach $500, you can invest in a GIC and start earning a great return. Members under the age of 18 can invest with a minimum deposit of just $50. And, your GIC will earn a competitive rate that’s higher than a typical savings account.

In addition to choosing your term, and whether to invest within a registered plan, you can also choose to set up a standard 1 to 5-year GIC, or a Step Term, Junior, or Index-Linked GIC (available only occasionally).

At Kindred, your GICs can help build a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world.

How does Socially Responsible Investing work?

We want to help you connect your values with your finances. One way we do that is by offering socially responsible mutual funds. Socially responsible investments (SRI) use wealth to build a more economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable world. SRI is known by many names such as green, ethical, or responsible investing, it engages with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) analysis, and can include impact investing. More Canadian investors are choosing SRI for their portfolios and it’s one of the fastest growing segments in the financial services industry. In 2016, Kindred became the first financial institution in Canada to have all our GICs validated as SRI

What makes an investment socially responsible? An investment can be considered socially responsible based on the nature of the business the company conducts. Screening is a filtering process based on social and environmental criteria that are used to identify if an investment can be deemed socially responsible. Negative screens strive to limit investing in companies that engage in practices such as gambling, military weapons, nuclear power, and pornography. Positive screens evaluate companies based on the good they do and strive to include those that engage in practices that support, for example, animal welfare, human rights, and the environment. Shareholder advocacy is another aspect of SRI, which allows investors to have a say in the companies they invest in.

We support businesses that care about…

The Environment

Human Rights



Animal Welfare

We exclude businesses that are involved in the production of…

Alcoholic Beverages




Military and Weapons


Nuclear Power

Guaranteed Investing Options at Kindred


Whether you’ve got some extra cash on hand, you’re saving for a big-ticket item, or managing cash flow from your savings, a short-term GIC offers flexibility and a competitive rate. Choose the redemption period that works for you, from 30 to 364 days. Minimum deposit of $5,000.

Step Term GICs offer a guaranteed investment with an escalating rate over a 3-year or 5-year term. This type of GIC also offers you flexibility after the first year and it’s RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible.

Long-term GICs are a smart solution when you want to tuck your money away, earn a great rate, and benefit from the peace of mind of a guaranteed investment. With terms from 1 to 5 years, you can choose how long to invest and the minimum investment is just $500.

Index-linked GICs offer the security of a GIC with the potential to earn higher returns based on performance of the stock market. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. They are available in 3 and 5-year terms at varying participation rates. 

Take a look at all our competitive GIC and Step Term rates.


Here are some unique ways to invest with Kindred, while supporting your community.

We’re always looking for ways to offer values-based products that connect faith and values with finances. Kindred GICs allow you to incorporate socially responsible investing into your portfolio, and you can support your community in ways that matter most to you.


Affordable Housing GICs

Unique to Kindred, with Affordable Housing GICs you earn a guaranteed, competitive rate while helping to address the affordable housing crisis in Waterloo Region. This impact investment supports loans to providers of long-term, permanent affordable housing.

Community Inspiration GICs

Unique to Kindred, Community Inspiration GICs are a way for you to support your church or charity and your community. Grow your wealth with the security of a GIC, and Kindred donates bonus interest to the church or charity of your choice.

Crisis Care GICs

Part of our Member Assistance Services, and unique to Kindred, Crisis Care GICs offer a way for you to use your investment to support those experiencing financial hardship or distress.

Partnership GICs

Part of our Member Assistance Services, and unique to Kindred, you can designate a Partnership GIC to fund a loan to a charitable organization or an individual — give someone a hand up, rather than a hand out.

Meet with a member 

of our Wealth and Investment Team for investing advice with values at the core. We can help with your financial plan today.

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