Mutual Funds

Thinking of making mutual funds part of your investment portfolio?

What are Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds can be an effective way to diversify your investments and help you reach your long-term financial goals – whether that’s your retirement or saving for your child’s education. The concept is simple: a group of investors pools its money together and a fund manager invests this money in return for a management fee. Every mutual fund unit represents an investment in a variety of securities that could include stocks, bonds, cash, gold certificates, etc.

How much risk is involved in mutual fund investing?

There are different types of mutual funds and each type has a different level of risk and potential for earnings. Generally speaking, the more risk you are willing to assume, the greater your potential for earning a good return.

How do I purchase mutual funds?

Kindred provides members with access to a broad array of high quality mutual funds representing the full range of types and asset classes through Qtrade Asset Management Inc. (QAM). QAM provides full-service mutual fund dealer services to the customers of its financial institution partners across Canada.

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Socially Responsible Investing

At Kindred, we focus on socially responsible investing (SRI), featuring Meritas SRI Funds, and offer mutual funds from a variety of leading companies including:

Meritas SRI Funds
OceanRock Mutual Funds
CI Investments
Clarington Investments
Fidelity Investments
Franklin Templeton Investments
NEI Investments

In particular, we offer a full range of investment solutions from OceanRock Investments Inc., including Meritas SRI Funds, a leading Canadian provider of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and the only Canadian SRI fund family to incorporate micro-finance, a vital aspect of SRI, into its funds. Speak with a member of our Investment Team today to discuss how mutual funds could be part of your portfolio.

If you would like to learn more about mutual funds, the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have put together a detailed guide called ‘Understanding mutual funds’.

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Meritas SRI Funds

Meritas SRI Funds is one of Canada's leading providers of socially responsible investing (SRI) solutions and the only Canadian SRI fund family to incorporate micro-finance, a vital aspect of SRI, into its funds. SRI is the process of making investment decisions in pursuit of social and environmental returns in addition to seeking financial returns. Meritas achieves this by committing to all three pillars of SRI:

Positive and Negative Screening;
Shareholder Advocacy; and
Community Development Investments (CDI)

Click here to learn more about Meritas SRI Funds. To review fund performance, click here.

* Mutual funds and securities related financial planning services are offered through Qtrade Asset Management Inc., Member MFDA.

Securities and securities related financial planning services are offered through Qtrade Advisor, a division of Qtrade Securities Inc., Member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual fund securities are not guaranteed and are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by any other government deposit insurer. For funds other than money market funds, unit values change frequently. For money market funds, there can be no assurances that the fund will be able to maintain its net asset value per security at a constant amount or that the full amount of your investment in the fund will be returned to you. Past performance may not be repeated.

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