Member Assistance Services (MAS) Investments

MAS combines our commitment to mutual aid with the resources of a vibrant credit union. The result is a unique program that responds to needs within our communities and promotes sharing and acts of compassion.

MAS provides our members with the opportunity to both offer and access financial assistance in times of need. Transactions are kept private and confidential and are administered through the Special Needs Plan and Partnership Plan.

For more information on how to access these funds, please contact your local branch.

Special Needs Plan

This plan offers temporary relief in the form of loans at reduced interest rates to eligible Kindred members when they experience financial hardship or distress.

  • Members can support the plan through non-registered GICs.
  • Below market interest rates are determined at the time of opening.
  • Members may specify the length of the term and investments may be redeemed or adjusted to market rates at any time, regardless of the maturity

Members can support the plan through non-registered GICs and RRSPs!

Partnership Plan

This plan offers members the ability to designate a GIC to fund loans to specific individuals or charitable organizations.

  • Members can support the plan through non-registered deposits, RRSPs*, or RRIFs*.
  • Non-registered GICs may be offered as security for a loan, or they may simply be used to offset the lower interest rate, and/or a combination of both.
  • Terms on deposits must be a minimum of one year.

*RRSP and RRIF deposits may only be designated to assist a registered charitable organization and cannot be used for security.

If you would like more information on MAS Investments, please contact your local branch.

Inspiring prosperous communities focuses on individuals or groups within a community bearing one another’s burdens, helping each other out in times of need. From its earliest days, Kindred has referred to this practice as mutual aid and we seek to encourage this support among our membership. Mutual aid includes supporting disaster relief efforts, faith-based schools, seniors' homes, and the work of the church in our communities. Member Assistance Services (MAS) is an example of a unique program that reflects this element of Kindred’s purpose.

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