Church Builder GICs

Our churches are important to us! 

Kindred supports churches and church-based organizations across Ontario through Church Builder GICs. These deposits offer investors a competitive rate of interest and are available for a limited time each year. In addition, Kindred donates 0.25% bonus interest directly to the Ontario church or church-based organization of the investor’s choice. As a result of Church Builder GICs, Kindred has donated over $729,000 in bonus interest to churches and church-based organizations.

How does it work? It’s simple: you invest in a GIC that earns a competitive interest rate, and in return, Kindred donates bonus interest to the church or church-based organization of your choice.†

Church Builder GICs are available in May and June each year. Bonus interest cheques are mailed directly to the church or organization, making it an easy way to support your church community.

†Bonus donations are made by Kindred and not treated as interest income for the investor. Recipients of bonus donations must be Ontario-based, have charitable registration status, and be a church or church-based organization.

How does Church Builder bonus interest impact communities locally and globally?

Stirling Avenue Mennonite Church and MCC Ontario have received Church Builder bonus interest and tell us what this has meant for their church and organization.

Inspiring prosperous communities
focuses on individuals or groups within a community bearing one another’s burdens, helping each other out in times of need. From its earliest days, Kindred has referred to this practice as mutual aid and we seek to encourage this support among our membership. Mutual aid includes supporting disaster relief efforts, faith-based schools, seniors' homes, and the work of the church in our communities. Church Builder GICs is an example of a unique program that reflects this element of Kindred’s purpose.


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An investment for you, bonus interest for your church!
Kindred Credit Union offers you a unique way to invest through Church Builder GICs. You invest in a guaranteed investment certificate (GIC) that earns a competitive interest rate and, in return, Kindred donates an additional 0.25% interest to the church of your choice. If you are interested in investing, please contact Kindred before June 30th and consider naming (insert name of your church here) as the bonus interest recipient. For more information, please visit or call 1.888.672.6728.