GICs (Term Deposits)

Church Builder GICs available for a limited time!

Our values are woven into everything we do, including products like Church Builder GICs and the Oikocredit Global Impact GIC.

What are Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)?

Kindred GICs offer flexibility, security, and competitive returns. With a Kindred GIC, you are assured that your investment will earn a pre-determined rate of interest over the life of the term.

All Kindred GICs are Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)!

Working with Sustainalytics, a leading global provider of environmental, social and corporate governance research and ratings, Kindred has developed a values-based process and a best-in -class social and environmental screening approach to lending decisions.  Because our loans are funded by members’ GIC deposits, with the screens in place all of our GICs become SRI validated.1

Until now, the SRI approach to investing has only been associated with mutual funds and market instruments.

What are Kindred’s ‘screens’ and what do they do?

Screens help to identify a range of activities that companies and small businesses might be involved in. Borrowers that meet any of the following screening criteria may not be eligible for our lending products:

  1. Have considerable business involvement in any of the following products or services:
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Tobacco
    • Gambling
    • Military and Weapons
    • Nuclear power
    • Pornography
  2. Have had a major negative impact on:
    • the environment
    • human rights
    • communities
    • employees
    • animal welfare
  3. Have a record of engaging in unethical and/or illegal business practices.

This approach enables us to offer loans and investments which connect values and faith with finances inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities.

Church Builder

Church Builder GICs are one of the most tangible ways we support the church community. Members invest in a guaranteed GIC that earns a competitive rate and Kindred donates 0.25% bonus interest to the church or church-based organization of their choice.

Each year, our Church Builder GIC campaign offers a unique way for members to invest in their future, as well as the future of a church ministry that matters most. Whether it's a congregation, church camp, a church-run seniors' home, a mission agency like MCC, or a church-based school, the choice is up to our member.

You can find out more about Church Builder GICs by clicking here .


If you prefer the security of a GIC yet want the potential for a higher rate of return, speak with a member of our Investment team about Index-Linked GICs.  Index-Linked GICs offer returns calculated based on performance at points in time of the stock market index S&P/TSX 60 and are available in 3 and 5-year terms at varying participation rates.  If the index/portfolio does well, this will improve the return of your investment. If the value of the index/portfolio declines, your principal investment is guaranteed at maturity.

Although past performance is not an indicator of future performance, you can refer to past index-linked GIC performance by clicking on the links below. These reports are provided by Central 1 Credit Union, © 2009 Central 1 Credit Union.

Three Year Terms
Five Year Terms


Members under the age of 18 can invest in 1- to 5-year GIC with a minimum deposit of $50 instead of the $500 minimum deposit required of adult members. This gives youth access to excellent interest rates even with small amounts of money.

Oikocredit Global Impact

We’ve teamed up with Oikocredit, an international co-operative, to offer members a GIC that provides a local, secure, guaranteed investment AND supports international sustainable development. An Oikocredit Global Impact GIC is one way you can align your values with your finances while supporting people around the world.
You can find out more about Oikocredit Global Impact GICs by clicking here.


Offers flexible term options (30 days to 5 years) and attractive interest rates.

Step Term

Step Term GICs offer a guaranteed investment with an escalating rate over the 5 year term. This GIC also offers you the flexibility of redeeming after the first year and it is RRSP, RRIF, and TFSA eligible.

1 SUSTAINALYTICS is a leading global provider of environmental, social and corporate governance research and ratings. SUSTAINALYTICS worked with Kindred to develop a set of socially responsible criteria, evaluated Kindred’s commercial and agricultural lending portfolio, and validated that it meets these criteria. To learn more about SUSTAINALYTICS, visit


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