Inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities happens best when you are involved. Your actions to make each community a better place can inspire others to join you. As a member of the credit union, your efforts matter to us. While we can’t support every initiative, we do want to hear how you are supporting your community.

If your charitable organization is in need of a sponsorship, Kindred might be able to help!

Charitable Giving requests can be submitted year round, but we ask that you submit your application at least 3 months prior to your event.

For all types of requests, we look for those initiatives and organizations:

  1. That are directly related to Kindred’s purpose of inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities
  2. With requests in the amount of $100-$2,499. We encourage organizations with requests for financial support over $2,500 to consider submitting an application to the Kindred Charitable Fund (application opens September 1, 2018)
  3. Although membership at Kindred Credit Union is not a requirement, preference will be given to organizations who are Kindred members
  4. Where the majority of operations occur in communities where Kindred staff and Members live and work
  5. Who are transparent. Kindred reserves the right to publicize our sponsorship or donation via our website or social media channels
  6. Who are registered as a charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency. We will consider applications from not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, or other community based organizations which do not have a charitable registration number if they can clearly demonstrate how they are aligned with Kindred’s objectives and intend to make a meaningful impact in our funding focus areas
  7. Where Kindred Credit Union is the exclusive financial institution


  • where the primary applicant is an individual or private business
  • contingency funds or deficit funding (short term retroactive funding for capital initiatives may be considered)
  • where primary applicant is an employee, family member, delegate, or board member of Kindred Credit Union
  • third party fundraising for a registered charity
  • funding the request would attach significant legal exposure or financial or reputational risk to Kindred
  • organizations or events not open to members of the general public
  • events that are inaccessible due to ticket price

Ready to apply? Please contact ben.janzen@kindredcu.com.



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