Kindred Credit Union (Kindred) builds relationships with community organizations through sponsorships, donations, volunteering, and gifts-in-kind. We trust that our communities will benefit from our support and that our staff and members will be inspired to live out their values in visible ways.

Each relationship is unique and each organization has different strengths, needs, and ideas. Support may come through direct financial sponsorship of an event or a program, including posters on our community bulletin boards, or Kindred staff managing cash at a community sale.

Inspiring peaceful, just, and prosperous communities happens best when you are involved. Your actions to make each community a better place can inspire others to join you. As a member of the credit union, your actions matter to us. While we can’t support every action, we do want to hear how you are supporting your community.

Call or visit your local branch today to discuss how we can partner with you!

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