Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program

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The Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program is for students going into their final year of high school who are passionate about working for peace.

Students from across Ontario will be chosen to participate. The program includes:

  • A kick-off retreat to learn about being a peace innovator and implementing your peace ideas
  • $250 to kick-start an Innovation Plan for the year
  • Mentorship from an in-school mentor and The Ripple Effect Education (TREE)
  • Connecting with a group of amazing students working for peace
  • An additional $250 personal scholarship upon successful completion of the program
  • And a showcase to your accomplishments!

This program is being provided through a partnership between Kindred, Kindred Credit Union Centre for Peace Advancement, and The Ripple Effect Education (TREE).

The application period for the 2019/2020 program has now closed. Please stay tuned to hear about our new participants!

Thank you for your interest in the Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program.

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Inspiring peaceful communities means building healthy relationships through reconciliation, restoration, creation care, and building understanding locally and cross-culturally. It includes supporting faith-based counselling, restorative justice, and family violence prevention programs in our communities. The Peace Innovators Scholarship & Mentoring Program is an example of a unique program that reflects this element of Kindred’s purpose.


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