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The Kindred Charitable Fund is an endowment that offers annual project grants to churches and charitable organizations. Established in 1999, with an initial endowment of $360,000 to Abundance Canada, the endowment has distributed almost $750,000 to over 135 churches and charities in our communities.

To ensure the fund’s long-term growth, Kindred donates 1% of pre-tax earnings annually, in addition to donating $1 for each $1,000 in Mastercard® purchases. Members and friends of Kindred also generously support the fund with tax-deductible donations.

Applications for 2018 grants are now being accepted!

The deadline for applications is October 31, 2017. Click the link below to launch the secure application form in a new window. Please note, you will be redirected to an external site.

Kindred Charitable Giving Application Form

The Kindred Charitable Fund Grants Committee reviews applications in early December. All applicants will be contacted in December and successful grant applications can begin receiving funds in 2018.

2018 Kindred Charitable Fund Application Guidelines

General Information

The Kindred Charitable Fund endowment is owned by Abundance Canada – charitable registration number 129253308RR0001

1. The Kindred Charitable Fund is an initiative of Kindred Credit Union (Kindred) that inspires peaceful, just and prosperous communities. Funded projects must be church or community-based and should contribute to one of the following themes: peaceful, just, or prosperous. Other program initiatives that reflect the values of Kindred and its member community may be considered.

2. The amount for any individual grant may range between $2,500 and $5,000. A focus grant of $10,000 will be offered in addition to the regular grant program. The theme for the current year’s focus grant is Just. All other grants for all three themes will be below that amount.

3. Recipients are limited to one grant per year. Applications for multi-year funding must include the ‘Multi-Year Project’ section and any additional information needed to outline the project fully.

5. Requests for sponsorships, bursaries, or advertising will not be accepted. If your initiative falls within one of these categories please contact your local branch manager or Kindred’s Marketing department to discuss other options.

6. Preference is given to projects in start-up phase or new initiatives being developed within existing programs. Consideration will also be given to organizations that require funding for operating budgets.

7. Geographic and theme balance along with previous grants received will be taken into consideration during the awarding process.


1. Submissions must include a completed Grant Application. Please include any supplementary material that directly relates to this proposal or to the organization with the application package in electronic form.

2. In addition to a primary contact person at their organization, non-Kindred member applicants must include the contact information of a third-party reference who is an individual or corporate member of Kindred. This reference person provides a link to the Kindred membership and may provide additional information if needed (this reference person will not be the primary contact for accessing further information about the application or for correspondence).

3. The applicant will make available, upon request, any information required by the Grants Committee including annual or other reports which provide detailed information on program activities and finances.

4. The application deadline for 2018 grants is October 31st.

5. Grant recipients for 2018 will be notified in writing by December 31st, 2017. Grants will be released upon receipt of written notice that the project is underway and expenses are being incurred.

6. All grant recipients must submit a report by December, of the year in which they received grant monies, that details the results of the project and progress toward expected impacts within the target community. Copies of any publicity and media coverage should also be included. If grant monies are not used by December 31st, 2018, the organization will be required to return the funds to the Kindred Charitable Fund.

7. Kindred reserves the right to publicize and promote grant recipients and projects. This includes names, amounts, and other project details. Grant recipients are expected to acknowledge Kindred’s contribution in all marketing materials where appropriate. All other applicant information will be kept confidential.


1. To be eligible for grants from the Kindred Charitable Fund all applicants must be Qualified Donees as defined by the Income Tax Act. The charitable number is required with the completed application. This number and the charity’s status will be confirmed with the Canada Revenue Agency as proof of registered charitable status.

2. Grant recipients must ensure that projects are in line with at least one of Kindred’s Charitable Fund themes – Peaceful, Just, or Prosperous.

a. Peaceful focuses on building healthy relationships through reconciliation, restoration, and building understanding locally and cross-culturally.

b. Just focuses on advancing equality and sufficiency for individuals and groups living in society, ensuring dignity and respect for all.

c. Prosperous focuses on developing communities that "bear each other’s burdens" through mutually beneficial partnerships and live out peace and justice, especially in times of crisis.

d. Some project examples could include:

• Working at building peace through providing counselling services to fractured families

• Creating justice through work with refugees and new Canadians

• Ensuring prosperity through disaster relief efforts

For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Shaw, Community Engagement Specialist
Kindred Credit Union
1265 Strasburg Road, Kitchener, ON N2R 1S6

Phone: 519.746.1010 ext. 5507


Inspiring prosperous communities focuses on individuals or groups within a community bearing one another’s burdens, helping each other out in times of need. From its earliest days, Kindred has referred to this practice as mutual aid and we seek to encourage this support among our membership. Mutual aid includes supporting disaster relief efforts, faith-based schools, seniors' homes, and the work of the church in our communities. The Kindred Charitable Fund is an example of a unique program that reflects this element of Kindred’s purpose.


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