GLOBAL PAYMENT ™ Mastercard® Card

The GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercard card offers you the convenience, flexibility, and worldwide global acceptance of a traditional Mastercard credit card.

GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, including shopping online and accessing cash at an ATM. But, unlike a traditional Mastercard credit card, the funds are moved automatically from your Kindred credit union account to pay off the balance after the transaction is completed.

GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercard is a convenient extension of your account and is only available through credit unions.

Cirrus logoUsing your GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercard card outside Canada

When using your GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercard card at an ATM outside of Canada, look for an ATM displaying the Cirrus symbol.

There are over one million Cirrus ATM locations in over 210 countries and territories worldwide. Click here to view a list of Cirrus locations.

® Mastercard is a registered trademark owned by Mastercard International Incorporated and is used under licence.

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