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Interac® e-Transfer

Interac e-Transfer just got a whole lot easier:

  1. You can now request a payment from another person.
  2. All incoming transfers can be automatically deposited to an account of your choosing—no need to open an email or text message, and then log in to your mobile or online banking to deposit each one.

The simple, secure way to transfer money from anywhere to anyone.

Send or receive money in a snap with Interac e-Transfer. All you need is an email and/or mobile phone number and an account at a Canadian financial institution. As a sender, you don't need to worry about figuring out where the person banks and they won't know where you do your banking, because all account details and financial institutions are kept confidential.

Whether you owe a friend for pizza, need to pay your share of the rent, or expect to receive a payment from a customer, we've got you covered.

It's easy. There's no need to set up any new accounts, user IDs or passwords. As long as both parties have online banking accounts, all you need to send or receive money is the recipient's email address or mobile phone number.

It's secure. When you send an Interac e-Transfer by email or text, the money never travels with the message. Instead, recipients receive an encrypted link to deposit the funds using their own banking credentials.

It's convenient. With Interac e-Transfer, you can use any computer or mobile phone to send or receive money instantly by email or text. Whether you owe your friend, he owes you or they just don't take plastic, you'll never need to worry about carrying cash again.

It's quick. Recipients are notified by email and/or text that they have received a payment within approximately 30 minutes from when the sender initiates the transfer.

Request a Payment

Never again will you need to awkwardly ask a friend for that money she still owes you from last week's lunch out—just request a payment through Interac e-Transfer! Request a payment through your online banking or the Kindred mobile app in the same way you would to send a transfer. The person you’re requesting payment from will receive an email or text message allowing them to fulfill the request.


Manage your incoming transfers easily and conveniently. Register your email address with Interac and all transfers sent to that address will autodeposit to an account of your choosing. Don’t worry about losing track of your deposits—you’ll get a notification every time a transfer lands in your account. You can register for autodeposit through Kindred’s online banking.

® Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license.

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