Switch to e-statements today and we’ll give $5 to reforestation! Provide your email address as well and we'll make it $10.

Kindred partners with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) to support reforestation in Haiti. When you make the environmentally responsible decision to cancel your paper statements, we’ll give $5 to MCC. If you provide your email address when you cancel paper statements, we’ll give an additional $5.

Reforestation in Haiti
Reforestation is a major program of MCC in Haiti. Trees create environmental and economic opportunities for impoverished rural communities, while empowering the local community to build a hopeful future. For every 33 cents the training and technical expertise to plant a seedling and care for the tree is provided.

What are the benefits of e-statements?
When you choose to view your statements online, it's not only convenient; it reduces clutter in your mailbox and you’re caring for creation by saving a few trees!

You will receive e-statements up to a week earlier than through the mail and have access to all of your monthly statements and cancelled cheques as far back as 7 years. You will never have to request a duplicate copy of a past statement again; it will be online for you when you need it.

How do I switch to e-statements?
If you’re not currently a MemberDirect® online banking user, please call or visit your local branch. For additional details, click here. If you're already using MemberDirect online banking and would like to go paperless, once logged in follow the steps below:

  • Under 'My Accounts' on the left hand menu, click 'Cancel Paper Statements'
  • On the Cancel Paper Statements page, enter your email address if applicable, and click 'Update.' You will be guided through a couple more screens to confirm the change

What about the Share newsletter I receive with my statements?
When you cancel paper statements, you will continue to receive Share, our quarterly member newsletter, by mail. If you would like to receive Share by email, provide us with your email when you cancel paper statements or click here and fill out our e-newsletter sign up form.


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