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Kindred is committed to educating our members about financial matters. This includes personalized meetings with members, offering educational seminars, and providing financial literacy resources. The Piggy Barn program at Kindred is the first component in our financial literacy program. Piggy Barns are a fun, simple tool that makes it easy to help educate our young members about the key faith-based themes of money management: sharing, saving, and spending.

Kindred Piggy Barns

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Strong financial knowledge helps families adopt good stewardship habits and values. We’re committed to educating all our members about financial matters to help them live fulfilling lives in a financially complex society. We’re excited to announce a new initiative for our youngest members – Piggy Barns! Piggy Barns will help educate our members, ages 5 to 10, on three themes for money management: sharing, saving, and spending.

Abundance Canada has been using these themes for several years and we felt it was important to have a consistent message in helping our faith communities become responsible stewards of what God has entrusted to them.

Piggy Barns, a play on ‘piggy banks’, help families put the three themes into practice using classic farm imagery. The barns are accompanied by a ‘TRACKtor’ for children to record the money they store up to ‘fill the barns.’ They can then record how they ‘empty the barns’ through donations to churches or causes (Share), deposits they make at the credit union (Save), and items they purchase (Spend).

Download the Piggy Barn Parent Sheet.

Download the TRACKtor.

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Each One, Teach One

Each One, Teach One is an innovative program that presents basic financial skills workshops in community settings. Presenters are volunteers from credit unions across the country and Kindred is pleased to have staff trained to deliver this program.
Delivered in plain language — in church basements, neighbourhood houses, and community centres — the approach of Each One, Teach One is to meet individuals where they are, when they seek training.

The workshops may have as few as half a dozen participants, or as many as one hundred, and are generally 60 to 90 minutes in length. Topics include basic banking, budgeting, and understanding the credit bureau.

For more information about the program, visit Click on the ‘Resources’ section for a full list of topics.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a workshop, contact Ben Janzen at 519.746.1010, Ext. 5234 or

Inspiring just communities focuses on advancing equality and sufficiency for individuals and groups living in society, ensuring dignity and respect for all. It means seeking social justice and it includes supporting food banks, shelters, low-income housing, and special needs programs in our communities. Financial Literacy is one of ways we seek to reflect this element of Kindred’s purpose.


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