Kindred Credit Union joins Hike for Hospice Waterloo Region!

July 13, 2017 – Kindred is pleased to partner with Hospice of Waterloo Region as the presenting partner of Hike for Hospice which will now be known as “Kindred Credit Union Hike for Hospice”.

The alignment between these two organizations can be found in their shared commitment to acting compassionately while respecting the needs and integrity of individuals and families we serve. Both hope to use the hike to inspire a more supportive and peaceful community for those facing end of life care. “We are very honoured to receive Kindred’s support. We believe that both Kindred Credit Union and Hospice of Waterloo Region will have wonderful outcomes because of our collaboration,” states Judy Nairn, executive director, Hospice of Waterloo Region.

Brent Zorgdrager, Kindred’s chief executive officer, shares that, “At Kindred one of our core values is compassion and supporting Hospice of Waterloo Region as they provide individuals and their loved ones compassionate care and peace at this stage in their life journey is a perfect fit.”

More information about this exciting partnership can be found in this press release or on the Hospice of Waterloo Region website.


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