2020 Calendar Contest

Enter to win Kindred's 2020 Calendar Photo Contest

Kindred’s calendar contest is back! Our 2020 theme, Inspiring Communities, focusses on three areas where Kindred members are having an impact:

1. Food Security
From our many farming members working to produce healthy, affordable food to local food banks striving to make healthy eating more accessible, food is a vital part of our communities. How do we work to make our food system more supportive and sustainable? Entries could feature community gardens, new farming practices, or food distribution projects.

2. Environment / Creation Care
The natural world and its systems are critical to life itself, while also bringing beauty and wonder to our lives and communities. How do we work to respect and improve the health of our planet and our connection to it? Entries could feature projects that promote energy conservation, climate action, waste reduction, or water stewardship.

3. Affordable Housing
Where we live and how much it costs is a key indicator of how fully we can participate in our community. How do we work to promote affordable housing for all? Entries could feature housing cooperatives, co-ownership projects, shelters for critical needs, or initiatives to support marginalized groups.

If you have photos illustrating how you or your organization is helping to inspire your community in these areas, we want to hear from you!

Submission Deadline - August 31, 2019

The contest is open to all Kindred members, including organizations, Kindred staff and their family members. Simply submit your photo with a short description about how the activity inspires your community.


  • Each of the 12 winning entries will receive a $50 cash prize.
  • Winners will be able to direct a $100 cash prize to a charity, selected from Kindred’s list of Calendar Contest Community Partners.
  • Photo credit in the calendar and references on kindredcu.com and social media.

Official Contest Rules


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