Possible Canada Post Mail Service Disruption

Accessing your accounts

September 18, 2018 — There are numerous ways you can maintain access to your account information in the event of a postal service disruption, which may begin as early as Wednesday, September 26, 2018.

Should mail delivery be disrupted, members will not be able to send or receive financial documents by mail and the distribution of monthly statements will be delayed. We encourage you to take advantage of the support and services Kindred offers to keep you informed and in touch.

In person
Kindred branch staff members are always available to help and respond to any questions or concerns you may have. Please contact your local branch, or call our toll free number 1.888.672.6728.

Accessing account information
If you haven’t connected to your account online, you may want to consider signing up for Kindred’s MemberDirect® online banking.

With MemberDirect online banking you can:
  • access your account balances;
  • view and download your statements;
  • transfer funds between accounts;
  • pay bills; and
  • send e-transfers.
You can sign up for MemberDirect online banking, or phone banking, by visiting your local branch.

If you're already using MemberDirect online banking and would like to receive your statements electronically, please follow the steps below:
  • Login to online banking. Look for 'My Accounts' on the left hand menu, click 'Cancel Paper Statements'.
  • On the Cancel Paper Statements page, enter your email address (if applicable), and click 'Update'.
  • On the Statement Preferences page, click ‘I Agree’ to acknowledge your acceptance of the requested change. Once you agree, you will be presented with a confirmation page.
If you must have access to a printed statement, and you cannot take advantage of our online services, branch staff can print a copy for you.

Making bill payments
You can make bill payments through MemberDirect online or phone banking, or by visiting your local branch. Please keep in mind that you are still responsible to make regular payments during a postal service disruption, even if you do not receive a mailed statement or bills.

epost™ is Canada Post’s online digital mailbox service that provides single login, secure, and convenient access for bills and statements. If you are using MemberDirect online banking, you can set up epost, where you can add, pay, view, and manage over 250 types of bills and documents. The epost website offers more details.

Mastercard® credit card payments, statements, and cards
A postal service disruption will mean delays in the delivery of Mastercard statements. >>Payments to your Kindred Mastercard, which is provided by Collabria Financial, will be due as usual. Be sure to keep your account in good standing during a postal service disruption by making at least the minimum monthly payment by the regular due date.

For convenient online access to your Mastercard account information and statement balance, you can register on the Collabria website. You can make payments to your Mastercard account in a number of ways:
  • Pay in branch
  • Pay online via MyCardInfo on the Collabria website
  • Bill payments in MemberDirect online or phone banking
Collabria Mastercard member service is available by calling 1.855.341.4643.

New cards and cheque orders
All new cards and replacement cards (replaced due to debit card expiry) will be processed normally by credit union staff, as will new cheque orders.

In the event of a postal service disruption new cards and cheque orders will not be distributed by mail. Debit cards can be picked up in-branch. GLOBAL PAYMENT Mastercards will not be available during a strike. If you have an urgent need for cheques, you can purchase counter cheques at your local branch.

Lost, stolen, or damaged cards
In the event of a lost, stolen, or damaged card, members may receive a replacement card, via courier. Members should expect delays due to increased courier activity (additional charges may apply for this delivery service).
  • Debit cards: contact Kindred at 1.855.772.5808 during business hours; contact Everlink at 1.888.277.1043 after hours
  • Collabria credit cards: contact 1.855.341.4643
  • Global payment cards: contact Kindred at 1.855.772.5808 during business hours; contact CUETS Financial at 1.800.567.8111 after hours

Online Banking

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