Co-operative banking means sharing our earnings!

February 21, 2017 - We're excited to announce that $810,000 was deposited into member accounts in February as Your Share of our 2016 earnings - that’s co-operative banking in action!

Co-operative banking is based on the idea that profits should have a higher purpose. They should be returned to you, in the form of great rates, better service, and as a share of earnings. As a credit union rooted in shared values, it feels absolutely right to share what we’ve collectively earned. 

Co-operative banking means you’re much more than a customer, you’re a Member. Even better, you’re an Owner. Receiving a share of earnings is just one of the benefits of being a Member and an Owner at Kindred. 

Your Share of earnings from member loans and non-registered deposits was split evenly between additional Owner Shares and cash. Check out your February statement to see Your Share! 

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